Deck the Halls - John Whitesell

Posted by Naomi Ward
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Deck the Halls - John Whitesell
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Deck the Halls

John Whitesell

Genre: Comedy

Price: $14.99

Rental Price: $3.99

Release Date: November 22, 2006

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Matthew Broderick and Danny DeVito star in this hilarious holiday comedy as two competitive neighbors who try to put the "win" in "winter!" Determined to unseat Steve Finch (Broderick) as the town's holiday season king, Buddy Hall (DeVito) plasters his house with so many decorative lights that it'll be visible from space! When their wives (Kristin Davis and Kristin Chenoweth) bond, and their kids follow suit, the two men only escalate their rivalry, and their decorating. It's anybody's guess whether the holidays will wind up jolly or jostled in this wild laugh-fest the whole family will love!

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